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Pueblo West Metro board to change bulbs

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District will shave more than $25,000 a year off their annual budget by simply changing their light bulbs.

Granted, the project is a huge one, as each light bulb within the district is being switched to an LED bulb.

But when it’s completed — hopefully by the end of the month — the Metro District will begin a considerable cost savings.

“Basically, we’re saving the taxpayers’ money,” said Dave Cosby, director of support services for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District.

“Our out of pocket expense should be recouped in about six years.”

The total cost to replace all of the bulbs within the district is $197,500.

The district’s portion is $149,500 and was planned for in this year’s budget.

The remaining balance is being funded by rebates from Black Hills Energy and San Isabel Electric Association.

Cosby said the numbers speak for themselves on the efficiency of the LED bulbs.

For example, at the Pueblo West Metropolitan District administrative offices, about $4,700 is spent annually for lights in the building.

By switching to LED, there will be a 63-percent reduction in lighting costs, resulting in an overall electrical bill reduction of nearly 30 percent.

At Fire Station No. 3, 76 percent of the current electrical bill is used for lights.

By switching to LED bulbs, the station’s light costs will be reduced by 57 percent.

“By switching to energy efficient LED lighting, Pueblo West is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, saving the District thousands of dollars annually and improving the lighting conditions at all of our facilities,” Cosby said.

He noted there are “a lot of light bulbs to change,” since the switch encompasses everything from lighting in offices to outside lights, bathrooms and more.

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