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Keeping mind, body engaged

The folks at Legacy Commons Assisted Living Home in Pueblo West know that keeping the mind and body engaged in activities help keep their residents feeling good, which is why there are a variety of activities offered daily.

“We’re proactive,” said Carolyn Spears, director of Legacy Commons. “Activities have many purposes — it keeps them engaged, and the more engaged they are, the more they keep their mind and body active, so the more they’re going to thrive.”

Activities range from physical to mental and emotional, and everything involves an interactive component.

There is a daily exercise class, primarily chair exercises, that someone comes in to teach residents. Another “active” thing that’s very popular at Legacy Commons is the Wii bowling. Many of the residents love the activity – there are leagues and tournaments, and even those who don’t actively partake in the bowling will come to watch and cheer for the others.

“They do the Wii bowling sitting down, but I think it’s really beneficial for their health and well being,” Spear said.

Monthly, there is a scheduled wellness clinic for residents.

Medical workers check basics like blood pressure to watch for anything that’s changed or that would trigger a need for physical therapy or a more in depth look.

“It’s proactive to help them maintain the level of function that they have and be on top of things,” Spear said.

“We address things right away, instead of waiting and then needing to repair.”

Other physical well-being activities include things like walks around the lake and trips to stores and restaurants.

Those are certainly social activities too, but getting out and around is physically important as well.

The variety of mental and interactive activities is lengthy.

Residents at Legacy Commons play lots of games including poker, dominoes, Yahtzee, Uno, Wheel of Fortune on the Wii and plenty of assorted card games.

There are monthly health talks, where someone comes and speaks to residents about a variety of ideas, things like how to proactively do to keep from being a fall risk, for example.

There are Bible studies, concerts, summer cookouts, family activities (the majority of residents at Legacy Commons have family in the Pueblo area) and more.

Spear said her “personal purpose” in her job is to “help people finish life well. Every day of my life, I walk in these doors, knowing that my purpose is to help them finish well. We’re investing our lives in theirs.”

Providing an array of activities and things to keep the mind, body and spirit young helps to do that.

“When they’re engaged, they more they’re going to thrive. And then they have a purpose and a reason for living each day,” she said.

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