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School districts need all students to attend today

The count day determines state funding levels

Local school districts want all students in class today for the state’s official student count day.

The Colorado Department of Education has designated Oct. 1 as Count Day, which is the day designated to measure school districts’ enrollment.

The official count is used to determine the amount of state funding the school districts receive, as districts are funded on a per-pupil basis.

The state allows for a count five days prior and five days after Oct. 1 in determining a district’s official enrollment.

Pueblo City Schools (D60) and Pueblo County District 70 leaders are encouraging students to attend class and be counted today.

“October 1 is an important day for students to be in school, just like every day,” said D60 Superintendent Maggie Lopez. “However, this day is important as it funds the educational opportunities we provide our students throughout the year.”

District 70 Superintendent Ed Smith said although the state allows for a 10-day count window, officials would like for students to be counted today.

“This is very important for us because this determines our funding from the state,” he said. “We hope students will show up and be counted.”

Neither district will be offering any special incentives to attract students today, but Smith said there may be some schools in District 70 who are doing their own incentive program to get students to attend.

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