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Pueblo West road report

This past week, the Streets and Roads Department worked on the following projects:

• Crews continued repair of gravel roads removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities on Kiva Drive, Dowd Drive, Chaparral Drive, Century Drive, N Limon Drive, Marvel Drive, Winona Drive, and Mint Drive.

Motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving in the area of a grading operation.

Be patient, stay behind the grader and do not cross over the dirt windrow that may be present.

The grader operator will move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

• Crews mowed in the area of E Hahns Peak Avenue from Joe Martinez Blvd to Purcell Blvd, Hanover Drive, Hanover Lane, Fraser Drive, Fraser Court, S Bayfield Avenue, Gilia Drive, Gilia Court, Delaney Drive, drainage area near Meredith Drive, Carrizo Springs Avenue and drainage area, N Camino De Los Ranchos Drive, Cactus Wren Drive, Loasa Drive, Tejon Drive, Tejon Lane, Tanager Drive, Tanager Lane, Tanager Court, Wetmore Drive, Clarion Drive, Clarion Court, Stardust Drive, Larchmont Drive, Stardust Court, Wiggins Drive, Dacona Drive, Caddoa Drive, Bailey Drive, and Eads Drive.

• Sweeping operations on Gold Drive from McCulloch Blvd to N Purcell Avenue, Platteville Blvd from N McCulloch Blvd to N Purcell Blvd, intersections of Platteville Blvd at Durango Drive, Matt Drive, Gantts Fort Avenue, Fredonia Drive, Jesse James Lane, Cashmere Avenue, Hasting Avenue, Auburn Avenue, Parkridge Drive, Illiff Drive, and Boyero Avenue. Hwy 50, Avenida Del Oro from McCulloch Blvd to McCulloch Blvd, intersections at Industrial Blvd at Aspen Ski Way, Assembly Drive at Aspen Ski Way, Glenrose Drive at Carmel Drive, McCulloch Blvd at Idaho Springs Drive, McCulloch Blvd at Civic Center Drive, and Osceola Drive at Rialto Drive.

• Crews worked on prepping Hemlock Drive for asphalting.

• Crews hauled road material to Chaparral Drive for gravel prepping.

• Crews cleaned out drainage ditches throughout the district.

• Crews repaired pot holes on May Valley Drive, Linden Ave, and Spaulding Avenue.

• Crews worked on prepping Hemlock Drive for asphalting.

This week the Department will work on the following projects:

• Crews will continue grading in the area of N Platteville Blvd and Desert Cove Drive.

• Crews will continue prepping Chaparral Drive for gravel.

• Mowing and sweeping operations throughout the district, weather permitting.

If there are questions, call the Public Works office at 547-9801.

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