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Merry Merchant Hunt

The Merry Merchant Hunt will begin Dec. 5 with clues to the businesses in the Pueblo West View. Please follow the rules. No phone calls. Must physically go to the business to write the clue down. Past winners are not eligible for two years after winning. Businesses have stated that no one is coming into their business to get a clue so this year the winner will need a list of the businesses they visited to claim their prizes. The businesses in the community support this contest, please support them. The contest is to locate the business, see what they offer anmd then continue to support them for their services. Good luck. For more information with questions on the contest rules, call 242-5715



1. Fingers can make this noise and this will help you with your poise

2. In the family handed down, keeps your money safe in this town

3. A city in a country far away, someplace you would like to stay

4. I am strong and will fight all day long

5. Known as a watering hole but not for a foal

6. Will keep you warm in a dorm

7. Choose your style, use the telephone to dial

8. Come and go, fast & easy, you can buy something cheesy

9. Take in old & new, owner will put out to view

10. Services provided take pride in your ride

11. Look real good as you knew you would

12. You can peddle all day long to make your legs strong

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