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Road Report

This past week, the Streets & Roads Department worked on the following projects:

• Crews continued repair of gravel roads removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities on Bella Vista Drive, Chaparral Drive, Mitford Drive, and Wild Bill Hickock Drive. Motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving in the area of a grading operation. patient, stay behind the grader and do not cross over the dirt windrow that may be present. The grader operator will move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

• Crews mowed in the area of Chaunsey Drive, Fredonia Drive, Scandia Drive, Cordoba Drive, Emery Drive, Gantts Fort Avenue, Matt Drive, Marigold Drive, Platteville Blvd, McClave Drive, Milt Drive, Abeyta Drive, Chaparral Drive, Earl Drive, Earl Plaza, Bonita Drive, Gill Drive, Galena Drive, Encanto Drive, Ladonia Drive, Hastings Drive, Bowen Drive, Basalt Drive, Heron Drive, Cougar Drive, Loma Drive, Keymar Drive, Blackstone Drive, Ramah Drive, Tacony Drive, Chadwick Drive, Shain Drive, Parkridge Drive, E Linda Avenue, Alaric Drive, Latimer Drive, Latimer Lane, Datura Drive, Bahia Drive, Camrose Drive, Clarion Drive, Datura Court, La Porte Drive, La Porte Plaza, Autumn Drive, Autumn Lane, Cheney Drive, Burro Drive, Bond Drive, Bowmar Drive, Mayfield Drive, and drainage area north and south of Camino De Los Ranchos.

• Sweeping operations on Sequoya Drive from N Purcell Blvd to Boyero Avenue, Sapinero Drive from N Purcell Blvd to Boyero Avenue, Desert Cove Drive from N Purcell Blvd to Boyero Avenue, Datura Drive from Bahia Drive to La Porte Drive, Gantts Fort Avenue from Platteville Blvd to Platteville Blvd, Linda Avenue from Gantts Fort Avenue to N Purcell Blvd, John Powell Blvd from McCulloch Blvd to Joe Martinez Blvd, intersections of Datura Drive at Latimer Drive, La Porte Drive, Bahia Drive, and Datura Court, Hahns Peak Avenue at Alaric Drive and Latimer Drive, Bayfield Avenue at Maher Drive, Maher Drive at Bow Mar Drive, Bayfield Avenue at Bahia Drive, Platteville Blvd at Gantts Fort Avenue, Longsdale Drive, and Linda Avenue, Gantts Fort Avenue at Tacony Drive, Platteville Blvd at Jesse James Avenue, John Powell Blvd at Greenway Drive, McCoy Drive, Aguilar Drive, Del Norte Drive, and Angus Drive, Maher Drive at Palmer Lake Drive, Ohio Drive, Arvada Drive, Beshoar Drive, Rogers Drive, Del Rio Drive, Simla Drive, Bond Drive, Camrose Drive, and Burro Drive.

• Major asphalt patching was completed on Hemlock Dr. and on Datura Dr.

• Crews repaired potholes on Tanager Drive, Hahns Peak Avenue, Latimer Drive, and Datura Drive.

• Crews sanded and snow plowed roads throughout the district.

• Sweeping operations on Joe Martinez Blvd from McCulloch Blvd to Purcell Blvd, Linden Avenue from Purcell Blvd to Greenway Avenue, Greenbrier Drive from Linden Avenue to Saddlewood Drive, Linden Avenue from Greenway Drive to Sweetwater Drive, Sweetwater Drive from Linden Avenue to McCulloch Blvd, Greenway Drive from Winterhaven Drive to John Powell Blvd, Enterprise Drive from Aspen Ski Way to Aerospace Drive, Research Drive, Fabrication Drive, Precision Drive, Magneto Drive, Dynamics Drive, Silicon Drive, Laser Drive, and Mission Drive.

Platteville from N Purcell Blvd to States Avenue, Boyero Drive from Jaroso Drive to Orchard Drive, Jaroso Drive from Boyero Drive to N Purcell Blvd, intersections of Hahns Peak Avenue at Civic Center Drive, Idaho Springs Drive, Palmer Lake Avenue, John Powell Blvd, Dante Drive, Joe Martinez Lane, Byrd Drive, Walton Drive, Marcus Drive, Purcell Blvd, Camrose Drive, and Falcon Drive, Linden Avenue at Dante Drive, Alexis Drive, Linden Plaza, Greenway Avenue, Lynx Drive, May Valley Drive, and Greenbrier Drive, Greenbrier Drive at Shadyview Drive, Saddlewood Drive, and Greenbrier Lane, Linden Avenue at Papago Drive and Sweetwater Drive, McCulloch Blvd at Sweetwater Drive, Winterhaven Drive at Sweetwater Drive, Scarsboro Drive at Linden Avenue, Greenway Drive at Winterhaven Drive. Alexis Drive, Greenway Plaza, Greenway Lane, Delray Drive, Elgin Drive, Kyle Drive, Aguilar Drive, Lakeland Drive, Palomar Drive, Enterprise Drive at Electronic Drive, Laser Drive, Silicon Drive, Dynamics Drive, Magneto Drive, Precision Drive, Fabrication Drive, Research Drive, Platteville Blvd at Limon Drive and Dowd Drive, Boyero Drive at Jaroso Drive, Desert Cove Drive, Sequoya Drive, and Sapinero Drive.

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