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Sprucing up Pueblo West

The Pueblo West Women’s League has officially started sprucing up Pueblo West with an over-sized “garden” of painted metal flowers, a large art display installed at the corner of McCulloch and Joe Martinez Boulevards.

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The installation is the first in the Pueblo West Women’s League’s “Let’s stART” beautification project. The flowers were placed on December 2 by creator and Pueblo artist Ron Barela. Called “Flowers on the Prairie,” the flowers range from four to 10 feet tall and are painted with bright, vivid colors.

Members of the Pueblo West Women’s League hope the “garden” is the first of what will be many pops of art, color and beauty throughout the Pueblo West community.

“Every vibrant community makes art part of the big picture,” said Barb Murfit, president of the Pueblo West Women’s League.

“We’d love to see this idea take hold and draw community support.”

Members of the Women’s League had the idea after noticing there were street corners and places throughout the community that could use a little color or something to make them stand out or be prettier.

The group budgeted $2,400 for the project, and they hope others in Pueblo West will get on board so more art can be placed around town.

Member Jan Balfour brought up the original idea to the group, and said, “I’d like to see art on every corner, in front of every building. Art makes a difference in our everyday lives.”

The ultimate goal, said Nancy Mau of the women’s league, is to promote art as a valuable amenity to the area.

Hopefully it will entice art lovers and artists – individual or group – to support the idea.

The league dedicates 100 percent of the money it raises to groups and non-profits that make a difference in the Pueblo West community.

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