The Pueblo West View

Merry Merchant Hunt

Please remember you will need a list of the businesses and clues from this year’s participating businesses  before you can collect your prizes if you find the trophy. 

Good luck.


1. Heavenly name, great food tastes are insane

2. Rhymes with Three Men in a Tub

3. Exotic & fun, some you will see on the run

4. Lots of bottles on the shelf for you to choose for yourself

5. Fresh ingredients used for you, all makes for a great sandwich too

6. Feel the magic of how it will work, it will be a great perk

7. Protection is our service, cost may make you nervous

8. Used in wars of old, black in color, many stories told

9. Make a mold to be sold

10. Have a treat, all are sweet

11. Give a gift that will give you a lift

12. Talk to the box from your car, at night you can see a star

13. Some are hot, some are not

14. Beating prices is our motto, you may meet someone named Otto

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