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Merry Merchant Hunt

The Merry Merchant Hunt is a contest, not an advertisement. It is a fun contest for the community to find Pueblo West. Businesses by locating them, then support them. The participating businesses graciously donate something for the winner - It is up to you to figure out who the businesses are. If there is no clue than they are not participating and you are at the wrong business. Participating businesses are not allowed to give out any information about participating unless they have a posted clue. All businesses participating are given a set of rules to follow and given a clue to post when their clue to their business is in the paper. The contest cannot be responsible for those that do not follow those rules. Call the number on the clue not any business, they are not responsible for the contest — it is a fun community activity businesses participate in. Good luck in finding the hidden trophy.

1. Supplies for you and boxes too

2. Once considered Western Lore, there were gunfights galore

3. Proud to be that is me

4. Strength through members, come see us in December

5. On the water I will be, going out to sea

6. Service provided, departments divided

7. See me sparkle, see me shine, wear them out to dine

8. Convenient for you to pick up a few in early morning too

9. Friendly atmosphere, food and drink, you may even get a wink

10. Recreational fun in the sun

11. In the sky far away, get a tan in one day

12. Preventive care is what we share

13. You pick the style, we will do it with a smile

14. Nice and cheesy to order is easy

15. In and out, quick and fast, making engines last

16. Even though I sound far away, I am here to stay

17. We will dig a trench, not sit on a bench

18. Allowed under the law, so you can say ah

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