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Brown awarded metro district’s highest accolade

He worked several jobs during 25 years with the district

A willingness to help anyone he could, no matter the department or job, was what helped set former Pueblo West Metro District employee Jerry Brown apart, and what ultimately earned him the honor of the Soaring Eagle award for 2013.

Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown

The Soaring Eagle award is the highest award the Pueblo West Metro District Board of Directors and District Manager can present to an employee who has contributed above and beyond. Brown retired in September and was “just everywhere” during his many years with the District.

Brown said he “got a little choked up” about the recognition, knowing that he was part of a select group of individuals to receive the award. “It was quite an honor,” he said. “Getting this award makes you feel good. It makes you realize that a lot of times, people don’t say ‘thanks’ or ‘good job,’ but to know you’ll be missed, that makes you feel good.”

Brown served in a few different jobs within the Metro District, and he said he always tried to help others. It’s perhaps what made him stand out as such a valuable employee and worthy of the Soaring Eagle award.

“My whole theory, all the time I was in the Metro District, was that if someone from whatever department and came to me and needed help, I was a firm believer in helping the other departments,” he said. “Some people would say they were too busy, but I tried never to be that way. I might not be able to do it that day, but probably tomorrow or the next day.”

Brown started in early 1988 as a seasonal employee in the Water and Service Department. By November of that year, he was Foreman of Water and Sewer Maintenance, and shortly after that was named supervisor of Collection and Distribution.

Beginning in 1991, he was captain of the Pueblo West Volunteer Fire Department, and a decade later was named Deputy Fire Chief. His peers noted him to be a self-motivator and worked well with paid and volunteer firefighters.

In January 2012, Brown was asked to take on the position of Streets and Roads Manager in the Public Works Department. Prior to working for the Pueblo West Metro District, Brown had a background in excavation and infrastructure, so the new job was a good fit.

Until he retired last fall, Brown worked hard to make the streets and roads in Pueblo West as good as he could with limited resources. One of his biggest accomplishments was adding a chemical to gravel on many road surfaces that made it harder and therefore requires less maintenance.

“If it cuts down on a lot of maintenance, it allows the streets and roads department to maintain more of the roads,” Brown said. “My goal was to give people in Pueblo West better roads!”

The improvements he helped bring, along with his willingness to always be a good neighbor certainly didn’t go unnoticed among his peers.

“Jerry’s commitment to residents in his many roles over so many years is extremely commendable,” said District Manager Jack Johnston. “He has been a true pillar in the Pueblo West Metropolitan District and this award solidifies his historical significance to our community.”

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