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Deal for road repairs set

Assistance from Pueblo County for chip sealing within Pueblo West will begin this summer, after Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors approved an Intergovernmental Agreement between the two entities last week.

The IGA gives the formal language as proposed for phase two of a road agreement.

The first phase goes through June and includes items like crack sealing, fixing potholes and doing gravel road maintenance.

Pueblo West budgeted $350,000 for the phase two project.

The money is for materials, along with some additional money from the Pueblo West budget for vehicle fuel. Pueblo County has agreed to commit equipment and manpower.

The agreement includes up to 15 miles of chip sealing.

Directors questioned whether the proposed chip sealing is for existing paved roads that need upgrades or for new chip sealing projects.

“There are definitely some roads that haven’t been done for years and are cracked badly,” said Jerry Hoefler, manager of streets and roads for the Metro District.

“If there are any gravel roads, it would take great preparation by our staff and have to be double-chipped, in my opinion.”

Hoefler said there has already been great cooperation between the Metro District and Pueblo County.

For example, Pueblo West recently borrowed a broom attachment to help move extra gravel off local streets when it wasn’t in use by Pueblo County.

He also said almost six miles of crack sealing has already been completed, with a total of 11 miles scheduled through phase one of the agreement.

Metropolitan district Attorney Thomas Mullans noted that the IGA is written to be a continuing agreement between the entities.

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