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Donate a tree for new park

Trees provide shade, shelter and turn open space into parks.

Those are reasons why Pueblo West residents are encouraged to consider purchasing a tree to be planted in the newly finished Civic Center Park.

“A park without trees isn’t a park,” said Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Director Jerry Martin after a recent meeting during which the Board members discussed the living tree donation program.

“This gives people an opportunity to do something special in our parks.”

Through the living tree donation program, people can plant a tree in tribute, in memory, as a family tree or simply to help the community.

Monetary donations can be made, or people can donate live trees in containers.

The Pueblo West Parks and Recreation department helps to arrange the planting of the trees and maintenance.

Prices for trees range from $125 for a 10-gallon container tree to $350 for a 25-gallon container.

Donations of at least $200 (15-gallon container) also include a four-by-seven inch cast bronze plaque that will be installed at the base of the tree.

“By donating a tree to the living tree donation program, you can beautify our parks while at the same time celebrate life by planting a tree,” said Carol Cosby, director of Pueblo West Parks and Recreation.

Trees given in memorial of loved ones provide a living monument, and also beauty, shade and landscaping for parks.

The Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Department can provide a list of acceptable trees for our parks and will work to help select an appropriate location to plant the tree.

Certain tree species are preferred because of their adaptability to our climate and maintenance requirements.

To donate money or a tree, please contact the Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Department at 547-7400.

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