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Kids, it’s time for boot camp

Helping children and their families get ready for kindergarten – that’s what Kindergarten Boot Camp at Desert Sage Elementary School is all about.

The kindergarten teachers, Amanda Sherwood and Jenna Janik, will host the boot camp on May 7 for families of students who will be kindergarteners at Desert Sage Elementary School in the fall.

The hope is that parents can learn more about what they can help do to prepare their children before starting kindergarten and get everyone excited about school.

“We felt like we needed a way to let parents know how they can help their children at home so they will be ready to start school,” Janik said.

“Just by working on learning the alphabet, counting and working with numbers and providing social interactions for their children can help tremendously.”

The teachers said their goal is to support families and work together to make all the children successful.

The one-hour boot camp sessions (3 p.m. or 5 p.m.) will include a variety of topics and activities, including friendship and social skills, academic readiness, fine motor skills and personal skills.

Parents and children will rotate through different stations to learn about the skills, and families will have the opportunity to create fun activities they can use at home.

“Kindergarten has become so much more academic, and while we still focus a lot on social skills and play, it’s important for children to be ready to learn as well,” said Sherwood.

“By having the kindergarten boot camp, we hope that parents understand the importance of working with their child at home.”

When parents came to Desert Sage in April to register their children for kindergarten, they were given the option to sign up for a boot camp slot, and can still sign up if their child will attend kindergarten at Desert Sage Elementary School in the fall.

There will also be door prizes and an opportunity to sign up for the Desert Sage summer reading program.

Sherwood and Janik said they hope the boot camp will be a fun learning time for kindergarten families.

“I am excited that we can offer this early fun experience to our newest students,” said DSE Principal Jeanette Baysinger.

“We hope to take their excitement to start school and us it to support them to be very successful kindergarten students.”

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