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Church takes productive day off

Majestic Baptist skips services to make Pueblo West improvements

Not a single member of Majestic Baptist Church in Pueblo West showed up for services on Sunday.

Instead, they all took to the community to do some good.

About 190 people participated in the church’s second Be the Church Day, where members go out in Pueblo West to improve the community in some way.

Church parishioners completely demolished a rundown mobile home that was an eyesore to the community, fixed an elderly lady’s shower, did some fence repair and yard cleanup for a woman with a special needs son, and did a lot of trash pickup around Pueblo West among other things.

“The idea has been mine for several years and Majestic was the first church to buy in,” Donny Gordon, associate pastor of worship and connection, said. “It’s called Be the Church Day because we often talk about going to church and which church we attend but when the Bible talks about the church, it doesn’t mean a building or denomination, it is referring to the body of believers.

“When we go out and obey the greatest commandments, ‘Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself,’ we are being the church as the Bible refers to us. Jesus wants us to do, not sit in our comfortable chairs at church and just learn about God, but to actually extend his love to our community.”

Gordon said Be the Church Day teaches churchgoers valuable lessons.

“The parishioners learn to look around and see needs in their community that they otherwise might ignore,” he said. “They learn that they can make a difference in Pueblo West with just a couple hours. They also build great relationships with each other and community members as they work.”

Gordon said a grant has allowed them to put on Be the Church Day the last two years but will now need to raise funds to continue doing it annually.

Seeing parishioners help out the community is rewarding for Gordon.

“The most gratifying aspect is that after weeks of intense preparation on my part, the entire church can show up and all be given tasks that make use of their particular skills and passion,” he said. “And they receive so much joy and satisfaction knowing they were a part of this big effort to love Pueblo West.”

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