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Out with old, in with new

Fresh board opens with new leaders in PW

Citing a fantastic group of Pueblo West Metropolitan District employees as a big key for success, the three outgoing members of the Board of Directors said their goodbyes and thank yous last week as the new members took over.

And there also was much laughter and smiles during their goodbyes, well wishes, good lucks and end of local politics.

Outgoing board members Christine McCarthy, Bill Vickers and Mike French were recognized and made a few comments, then handed the reigns over to new elected members Barbara Bernard, Judy Leonard and Mark Carmel.

Each of the outgoing members received a plaque with details about their years of service.

Then each had a few minutes to speak and they all talked about the enjoyment they had serving as board members.

“What a privilege it has been serving on this board and representing the citizens of Pueblo West,” said McCarthy.

“It’s really amazing to me the amount of work that goes on out here and the number of projects we have.

“It’s been a blessing to me to have been able to serve on the board and learn a whole lot more about my community than I ever knew.”

French thanked all the employees of the district for their continuing effort in making Pueblo West a great community.

“I can honestly say that employees of the district are key,” he said.

“You’re not going to find a better bunch of employees than here. They are truly the ones that make things happen. They keep it going and hold it together.”

Upon leaving, the former board members also congratulated the incoming members and wished them good luck.

“Just dive in and go after it and good luck in all that you do,” said Vickers.

“I learned a lot here, and learned that sitting on the sidelines and complaining is a lot easier than being in the arena, but I appreciated being in the arena and working for the citizens of Pueblo West.”

The new board members read their oaths before those in attendance, then sat alongside other board members Jerry Martin and Lew Quigley.

The first order of business was to elect officers – Quigley was named chairman, while Bernard was elected treasurer and Leonard secretary.

After some discussion, board members agreed they would like a vice chairman position, and elected Carmel to that spot.

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