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Metro donates $2,500 for annual fireworks display

Similar to many past years, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors agreed to donate $2,500 to the community’s fireworks display for the Fourth of July.

For the first time last year, Board members agreed to put $1,000 for fireworks as a distinguished line item in the budget.

After hearing from Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce President Carrie Klassen, the board agreed to increase its total donation to $2,500.

“In the past we’ve always just absorbed the donation into the budget if the board gives money (to fireworks),” said Pueblo West Metropolitan District Manager Jack Johnston.

“This is the first time we’ve distinguished as a line item with the $1,000.”

Klassen told board members she hoped they would consider donating the “full” $2,500 as they have for the past several years, noting that all Fourth of July activities in Pueblo West are truly a community affair.

“This fireworks event is a community event,” she said.

“We’re hoping for a much bigger event this year.”

Historically, the Chamber has purchased the fireworks and then the District operates the show.

Public Works employees spend the day prior to the show wetting down all the open prairie areas within the fireworks display area, multiple times.

District employees also prepare the blast area with blockades and the Pueblo West Fire Department sets up and actually launches the show.

For the annual wet/dry parade, the District is the event organizer and does all the street closures and coordinates with law enforcement.

District employees also coordinate the parade and participants.

“The Chamber of Commerce is very grateful and pleased the Metro District will continue to support the annual fireworks celebration. As a community, this is one of the largest events and we are proud to be a part of it to bring businesses and families together for one amazing day and night,” said Klassen.

“And thank you to the Pueblo West Fire Department for managing and monitoring this event with the utmost safety.”

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