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Desert Hawk gets covered

A big group effort among golfers at Desert Hawk Golf Course has come to fruition.

Now there is a covered patio pavilion area where folks can cool off and relax.

And the entire project was paid for by members and players.

The pavilion is located next to the pro shop. Kitty Martin added personality and flare to the area with a mural painting approximately eight by 12 feet in size.

Flowers have been planted nearby to make the area a nice little getaway.

“I had the idea last year, sitting out there underneath the sun and one little tree that the birds like to sit in,” said Al Kleven.

“When I talked to Mike (Zaremba, Director of Golf at Desert Hawk), he said sure, see if we could get it done.”

Because Desert Hawk’s budget doesn’t allow for expansion or other projects, Kleven and friends knew it was up to them to find a way to foot the bill, which was about $6,000 in the end. They wanted to do it all by donation.

They started talking to other golfers, and donations quickly started coming in.

Many people participated in garage sales and jewelry sales.

“Whitney Graves and myself were the contractors,” Kleven said.

“Oakwood Construction Company (owned now by Kleven’s son) lent its building license and we saw that the whole thing was funded and built.”

Construction started in December and was nearly done by March. Everything was done with volunteer work, including Martin’s painting job.

“I’m an artist and do I paint on canvas, but I’ve never done anything like this,” Martin said.

“It was a real learning process, and on a bigger scale than I’ve ever done.”

Martin said it took her about four months – putting in around 20 hours a month – to paint the large mural.

She designed it herself, taking images and ideas from famous golf courses and other area icons like Pikes Peak.

“It was my vision of what a 19th hole would be,” she said.

“It was a lot of fun.”

Kleven said the pavilion has knocked down the heat considerably and has been well received and very much appreciated by many.

“It’s marvelous because we never had shade,” Martin said.

“This provides people with the chance to lounge after they play and still be outside. And (the money) was all raised by golfers which is pretty nice.”

Martin said a hopeful phase two down the road might include a fire pit and other amenities, through the help of future fundraisers.

For now, everyone is enjoying the hard work put in by many volunteers.

“It’s a prime example of what can be done with cooperation,” Kleven said.

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