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PW roundabout traffic to be rerouted

The roundabout at Purcell and Platteville boulevards is expected to be completed by Sept. 19. (Kristen M. White, View photo)
The roundabout at Purcell and Platteville boulevards is expected to be completed by Sept. 19. (Kristen M. White, View photo)

Drivers who travel through the area of the new roundabout on the north side of Pueblo West have noticed some disturbance, but construction should hopefully be finished by the end of September.

The roundabout will be at the intersection of Purcell and Platteville boulevards.

Construction is well under way, meaning that intersection is closed to traffic and drivers are being rerouted, mostly along Iliff Drive, which runs north to south just east of Purcell.

“They have all of the existing roadway torn out. The initial earthwork is done for configuration,” said Dan Centa, director of Public Works for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District.

Although in Pueblo West, Centa pointed out that the Metro District is not actually in charge of the project, but is a partner with Pueblo County, the administrator of the project.

The County was the applicant for the federal grant money that is paying 90 percent of the cost, and the County is footing the other 10 percent of the bill.

Alf Randall, acting Pueblo County Public Works Director said the official contract completion date is Sept. 19, but noted that the date is subject to legitimate weather days and other issues.

“We’ve already had about four or five legitimate weather days because of all the rain they’ve had there,” he said.

“So it depends on how much more rain there is, but hopefully it will be completed by the end of September.”

Centa said at the asphalt that was dug up from the road has been ground up and was stored, and is now being used for the sub-base of the road.

It’s the same process that was used on South Purcell improvements and is a great way to recycle and reuse a valuable commodity.

Many signs are in the area of the roundabout directing people to the detours, and Centa said the Sheriff’s Department and County have put up a few extra signs for speed.

And although months ago there seemed to be many people in the community who disliked the idea of the roundabout, now that construction is under way, both Centa and Randall said they’ve only received a handful of calls.

“It seems like traffic is obeying and doing a pretty good job of honoring the signs, and we haven’t had a lot of calls beyond the first couple of days,” Centa said.

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