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New PW app to help two-way communication

Is your neighbor keeping you up late playing their bass music too loudly?

Are you coming home with more scratches underneath your car because of loose gravel along the roads?

What about the weeds in the neighbor’s yard that drift onto your property because of the wind?

Pueblo West residents can report their concerns about road problems or covenant violations by simply using the new mobile phone app, MyPuebloWest.

Since launching in August, MyPuebloWest has helped residents report their concerns about road issues and covenant violations with the simplicity of a mobile phone app, or through a link on

The MyPuebloWest system has accommodated about 500 requests from residents for things like pothole repair, road grading, and a variety of different COA violations, said Jay-Michael S. Baker, community engagement manager with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District.

“MyPuebloWest is a 24/7 resource for residents that facilitates questions, concerns, Committee of Architecture violation complaints, and other inquiries from residents in an effort to more efficiently resolve citizen requests and provide transparency every step of the way,” he said in a news release.

My Pueblo West fosters better two-way communication between the Metro District and residents.

Rather than having to search for a department’s phone number or turn to social media to vent complaints, notify the Metro of a problem or repair, or ask a question, residents simply use the mobile app or online link to submit a request, he said.

Each request is given a trackable ticket number to help residents follow the progress of the issue.

In MyPuebloWest, residents are encouraged to leave their email address that way they will receive notifications whenever action is taken on their reported issue. If you do not have an email address, you can get one for free through Google “gmail.”

“In August, Pueblo West launched the MyPuebloWest application with the Community Development/COA and Public Works Departments,” he said.

“Since the initial launch, residents have enjoyed greater transparency that helps facilitate understanding of workload, limited resources, weather, and other issues that affect how quickly Metro staff can resolve an issue.

“The system has also highlighted areas where departments can improve. The initial success in these two departments precedes our system’s full launch in December.

“We are working with the department directors for our Utilities, Fire, and Parks and Recreation departments to facilitate inquiries for these departments in the MyPuebloWest system,” he added.

“Watch for videos and other online tools that demonstrate how easy it is to use MyPuebloWest in the next few weeks.”

My Pueblo West was developed by Accela, a leading provider of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement software solutions. The new system is both part of the new website, and a mobile phone app and can be downloaded from both Apple and Android app stores.

“MyPuebloWest is part of a greater campaign to increase transparency accountability, and customer service for our residents,” he said.

“As part of this, Pueblo West is exploring petitioning for a dedicated 3-1-1 nonemergency information phone line, and the District currently has a central phone number to get information about any government service.”

The phone number, 547-7000, will eventually interface with the MyPuebloWest system to provide a comprehensive “catch all” for public-to-government communication.

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