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House Boutique surpasses previous sales

Christmas event raises money for local projects, charities

The Pueblo West Women’s League held its ninth annual Christmas House Boutique Nov. 11-13 and it was a huge success, bringing in $11,075.

The group’s largest fundraiser, the Christmas House is filled with handmade items and goodies for sale.

All money raised goes into the Pueblo West Women’s League fund that is then given out to local projects and charities.

“We are very happy with the turnout, which surpassed last year by $2,000,” said Michelle Whitaker of the Pueblo West Women’s League. “It all goes directly back into the community.”

Each year the Pueblo West Women’s League accepts applications for funding requests from Pueblo West groups and projects, or those that directly benefit or tie into the community.

The group is proud to give thousands of dollars each year, so members work hard in preparation for the Christmas House to fill it with a variety of items, from knitted scarves to baked treats and everything in between.

It’s become a staple for many to start their holiday shopping and get into the spirit early.

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