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Spikeball gains attention in PW

Spikeball, an original American sport with ties to tennis and volleyball, is gaining popularity throughout the United States, and with Pueblo West High School students.

The game originated from a old sold by Toys R Us in the 1980s, of which Chris Ruder took and revamped with his friends and family, selling the new Spikeball set in 2008.

In recent years the sport has gained much attention and there are now tournaments countrywide each weekend.

Students at Pueblo West High School have taken ahold of this trend too. Student body president Evan Ward said he saw some videos on You Tube and decided to buy a set for himself and try it with friends.

Another student had a set too so they got people together and started playing, and the sport blossomed.

Soon, the Pueblo West High School gym department purchased eight nets so kids could play it in gym class now and then, and Student Council members use it as a team building exercise on occasion, or just to take a fun break.

“Spikeball is a great way for members to work on communication and is a lot of fun,” Ward said.

“Over the summer the Pueblo West High School Student Council even organized a Spikeball event in Civic Center Park and it was a lot of fun.”

The game is a two-on-two activity. There is a round hula-hoop shaped net and a small ball.

Play is similar to volleyball, with one team initiating play by serving the ball into the net, and the receiving team has up to three touches before they must return the ball into the net in order to change possession.

The students say it’s a great activity to build teamwork and work on communication skills because of the two-on-two format.

More information on the game is available at

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