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Metro land sales to prohibit marijuana shops

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors have placed restrictions on some Metro-owned parcels of land, noting that if sold, marijuana sales, processing or cultivation on the land would be prohibited.

Board members have voiced their feelings – and heard concerns from many residents – about the number of retail, cultivation and infusion marijuana facilities in the community.

The board previously requested that the Pueblo County Commissioners not grant any additional licenses within the Pueblo West Metro District’s boundaries for sale or cultivation of marijuana.

In a resolution passed at least week’s board meeting, board members agreed to place a deed restriction with reverter on business and industrial zoned property owned by Pueblo West.

“If one of those parcels is sold, the deed restriction would prohibit the “sale, transfer, cultivation, infusion and manufacture of retail marijuana, cannabis and hemp products.”

The reverter portion means if any of those activities did occur, the land would revert back to Pueblo West.

“This doesn’t bind future boards, however,” explained Pueblo West General Counsel Harley Gifford.

“In a few years, if another board no longer wished to have that restriction, they could remove the reverter (by way of a resolution to rescind the reverter).”

The resolution passed by the board members notes, “It is not believed to be in the best interest of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District to have a large concentration of retail marijuana outlets or marijuana cultivation and infusion centers within the Pueblo West Metropolitan District’s boundaries.

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