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2017 budget shows PW road repairs

The Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners has adopted a solid, balanced, $171 million functioning budget that will support the operating costs of Pueblo County for the 2017 calendar year.

 “It’s an interesting challenge this year because we are balancing the excitement of the future with the passage of 1A joining the list of marijuana excise tax, CDOT and other projects, with the continuing needs that grew out of the recession – roads, services, jail and other facility needs.

The budget is a plan for both ends of the spectrum,” Pueblo County Commissioner Terry Hart said.

One of the projects in the budget is a Pueblo West tax sharing for Pueblo West roads for $200,000.

 The following are some of the anticipated revenues and expenditures included in the 2017 budget:

• Sufficient funding to keep all existing programs intact.

• $750,000 to address critical building system issues at the Pueblo County Jail from marijuana revenues.

• A net $1.9 million to relocate the Department of Social Services to County owned property, rather than leased property.

However, all funds spent on DSS building redevelopment will be paid back overtime through lease payments.

• Appropriations for the anticipated $1.5 million in revenues generated by marijuana taxes and fees collected by Pueblo County for 13 Pueblo County infrastructure and community improvement projects.

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