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Being restless

Janean Martin begins new season

If you don’t know what the word relentless means, you better take note.

Relentless is the word that is used for something being steady and persistent, unremitting.

And that particular word is what Colorado State University-Pueblo Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, Janean Martin (formally Janean Jubic) is instilling in her players for the upcoming season.

“Last year was my first year as the assistant coach and it was a learning curve for me and the girls alike,” Martin said.

“I believe as in anything in life, you always have the learning curve to overcome and this year will be our year to capitalize on.”

Martin was born and raised in Pueblo West, attending Pueblo West High School and is well-known throughout the community.

After graduating high school and winning back-to-back softball state championships, Martin went on to University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, where she was a three-time Rocky Mountain Conference Academic Honor Roll selectee.

After graduating in 2010 with a degree in finance, she earned her Masters of Business Administration from Colorado Christion University in 2012.

Before coming to CSU-Pueblo, Martin was the coach at Colorado Christian.

While there she led her team to the 2012 National Christian College Athletic Association National Championship as well as coached the program’s junior varsity team.

“I feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to be the assistant coach at CSU-Pueblo,” she said.

“Kip (Drown; the head women’s basketball coach) had options to pursue other reputable coaches other then myself.

“He really didn’t know me prior to interviewing me, other than playing against me but he called me in for an interview and four days later he offered me the job.

“It was great to be headed back to Pueblo,” she added.

Now she is part of her once rivals team and she is putting everything she has into giving her new group of girls the opportunity to reach their top goals.

“We had a fairly good year last year but we didn’t get done what we wanted to,” she said.

“We ended the season 18-9 which isn’t bad but I know we have what it takes to be better this year. We ended the year pretty frustrated and a little down in the dumps but we have used it to our advantage.

“The girls are coming back extremely driven and motivated to make this year better.

“The girls took home the workouts for the summer and the Colorado players were on a summer league team in Denver and they were 14-0.

“I have never seen a summer league be that good and be 14-0. It was really cool and I know that my players are ready show the world what they can do,” Martin added.

ONE OF THE key components to Martin’s strategic steps to success is Pueblo West’s own Dee Arrieta.

Arrieta played for Pueblo West High School from 2008-2012, and just finished her first year at CSU-Pueblo, ready to start strong in the 2013 school and sports year.

“Dee has a special place in my heart, since we both graduated from Pueblo West High School and I’ve known her and her family for a long time. She is one of our point-guards, and one of the jobs I get as the assistant is to take the point-guards and practice break down drills with them so I get to spend a lot of time with Dee,” Martin said. “She comes from a great family and works hard on the court as well as in the classroom.”

Martin describes Arrieta as diligent, ambitious, and one of the hardest working players she’s ever seen.

“When I would come to the office to get some work done, I would be walking into the office and hear a ball dribbling and it was Dee and she had already been to weights. She is working really hard and that is encouraging.”

Martin has set goals for her girls this season but she is starting small and wants them to work their way to the top.

“I would be lying if a national championship wasn’t a goal but I wanted to scale down our focus and win the RMAC, scale back further and win the Thanksgiving tournament we have in Texas. Our goal is to build up little victories one at a time and be relentless.”

Martin and her team of motivated, driven, and relentless girls will kick off the season Oct. 15 with practice and the first game is schedules for the first weekend in November.

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