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Supernova helps keep athletes trim

Summer is coming to an end.

That means shorter days and ultimately more time spent inside, on the couch.

Now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to keep that six-pack and toned thighs during the winter when the majority of your time is spent inside.

Three words: Supernova Fitness Center.

Supernova Fitness Center is a Pueblo West business that is giving their competition a run for their money by having the largest and cleanest facility, cheapest rates and lowest maintenance gym around.

And now they are offering a class that no other gym in the area offers- TRX Suspension Training.

“TRX Suspension training is a full body workout and it works your upper, lower, core and full body,” said Seth Herndon, Supernova trainer and employee.

“It is based on an individual’s different development stages, for example we have anyone in the class from their 20’s to their 80’s.

“It is based on your fitness level, not other fitness levels.

“We will push you as hard you can go, not as hard as others can go,” he added.

TRX is a group class and it is an hour-long course.

It is coupled with cross fit which makes it an even more intense workout so you burn twice as much in less time.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.

THE BEST PART is, you are in control on each exercise that you do because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

“The program was developed using two straps which makes it convenient and easy to use wherever you are such as on a door, a tree, a branch or the side of your boat,” said owner Mila Nova.

“It was born in the Navy SEALs because they needed to a way to work out wherever they were so they developed this program where they can work out in a small area and still get a full body workout.

“We want to target the off-season athletes in high school sports and let them know about this exciting new class we are offering. TRX Suspension Training is perfect because it offers strength and endurance which will help them stay in tip-top shape while they are on off-season.

“Also, since high school students do not have classes on Fridays, we want to offer a special deal if a group of students came in together and wanted to do the class,” Nova added.

In addition to a group rate, there will also be no gym membership for the class.

Only the class fee, which you will either need to find out by calling Supernova Fitness Center or by dropping by the center.

In addition to the TRX class, Supernova Fitness also has other ideas in the works, such as offering small group personal training classes.

“Small group training is a specialized format for 4-6 clients, emphasizing individual progression and skill development and the program format is designed in 4-week blocks, which will meet twice a week for 45 minutes,” Nova said.

Perhaps you are fairly new to exercise and the single thought of working out with a trainer individually intimidates you.

The small group personal training classes are focused around not putting pressure on anyone individually and would be ideal for someone who would feel more comfortable starting in a small group class, where everyone can learn together.

Programs that will be used in the small group classes are:

• H.I.T.

• Strength and conditioning for weight loss.

• Olympic lifting

• Strength and conditioning for athletes.

• Strength training for women.

“Group training is a metabolism boosting, fat burning, body functional workout classes that I believe will making exercising easier for those people who just don’t feel confident doing it on their own,” Nova said.

“We have highly experienced and well trained personal trainers that will make the classes fun and stress-free.”

Whether you are a high school athlete that is off-season and wants to keep that edge or someone who is wanting to get into personal training but is uncomfortable going about it alone, Supernova Fitness Center has everything you need to help you out.

If you have any questions about TRX Suspension Training or the small group personal training classes, either give them a call at 547-1393, stop in for a visit or click on their website at

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