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Softball team turns up the league heat

Lady Cylcones undefeated so far this season

Already halfway through their season, the lady Cyclones Varsity Softball team are having a year to talk about.

Mixing together hard work, cohesiveness, those few special tools and a great team makes for an undefeated team in the South-Central league.

“We are having a great season,” said head varsity coach Rick Montes. “The girls have really come together and we are playing like the winning team that we are and it is becoming very noticeable.”

Montes said that the girls have been working hard, striving to be undefeated this year and that is right where they are now.

The team is filled with girls who are seniors, playing their last year for Pueblo West High School to freshman who are just getting started in their high school softball career.

Each player, from the super seniors to the new freshman offers the team something special, he said.

“We are currently undefeated in the South-Central league, which is an extremely tough league,” Montes said.

“We would like to stay undefeated and win the league championship along with qualifying for regionals and the state tournament.

“We have set our goals high this year but with the way that my girls are playing, we have every opportunity to make our goals a reality.”

The Cyclones are currently 3-0 in the league and 8-2 in class 4A.

“I have to give my team kudos,” Montes said.

“They have been taking care of business as a team. Each individual player is an asset to our team but the team wouldn’t be a team without each and every player.”

“The whole team is doing a big job and we are solid everywhere.

This next week, they have a total of four games and that ultimately will determine if qualifying for regionals and the state tournament is in fact a goal that they can aim at and shatter.

“We are ready for whatever lies ahead and no matter what, we will give our very best in every situation and every game,” he said.

“The girls have put in timeless hours in the halls doing laps, on the practice field and mentally preparing to get to where they want to be.”

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