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Wakesurf on foreign waters

The crystal waters at Boggs Creek Cove at Lake Pueblo State Park rarely taste the bottom of a wakeboard.

And this year was the first those waters tasted both wakeboard and wakeboard competition.

The first annual Colorado Wakesurf Open took place last Saturday in Pueblo West and was the first competition of its kind in the city. Competitors gathered with their wakeboards around Boggs Creek Cove to make a splash in the two competitive divisions; the amateur or outlaw divisions.

At the inaugural event, there wasn’t as big of a splash expected with the amount of competitors signed up for the event – just 12 at the surf – something that is expect to change at next year’s event. To garnish more attention to the Colorado Wakesurf Open, Nick Ohrdorf, the event coordinartor, plans to add an additional day to the event.

The belief is spectators and surfers will come out to the waters of Lake Pueblo Park to participate in the Wakesurf Open if there are more events. Despite struggles of the first year event, Ohrdorf believes next year more surfers will hang ten at the event.

“Every competition starts somewhere,” Ohrdorf said.

“We’ll probably try to make it a two-day event next year and make one day be wakeboarding and the other surfing.”

“Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing boating sports, especially out here in the west,” Ohrdorf said. “And anybody can wakesurf; kids, moms, dad and even grandpa’s can do it because the water is smooth, and if they fall in it [then] it’s a soft landing, and you’re not going to get hurt.”

The amateur division of the Wakesurf Open held most of the surfers with eight participants. The top three in the Outlaw division was Jennifer Concienne, who placed first. Second was Blaine Evans, and third LaMichael Concienne.

In the Amateur division, first place went to Cole Chapman, second Gillian Steinenger, third belonged to Hannah York.

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