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Youth put on rodeo

t was indeed a wild ride the past week in Pueblo. The National Little Britches Rodeo rode in on its high horse and headed off into the sunset this last Saturday.

The Colorado State Fairgrounds was home to more than 700 participants who were trying to earn a myriad of titles last week at the festival.

At this year’s Rodeo, more than 30 titles were available for riders to claim.

It was also an economic boom.

The event accounted for more than $10.5 million to Pueblo, according to National Little Britches Rodeo Association website.

The number of families coming in from across the country was a significant help to stores and hotels in the city.

And hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a competitive edge on the opposition.

Kinlie Brennise, from Craig, Colo., rode off into the sunset with her head held high after taking first overall in the junior girls division. The 13-year-old adds to her slew of medals, trophies and overall success at the Rodeo.

In 2011, the then 10-year-old Brennise brought home the barrel racing title in the junior division when her and her horse Peppi trotted to a slim victory. Her brother Kasen, was ousted by 105 points and missed an opportunity to add another all-around world title to his collection.

Hadley Miller took the junior boys all-around title with a score of 1845.

Louisiana rider Matthew Ellender had a magnificent week at the event, and it showed with his titles in the finals and all around. Ellender, 17, headed to the rodeo ranked first in each of his events. He did not disappoint.

Ellender was more than 200 points better than his second place competition Bodell Jessen.

Aspyn Civil strapped on her big girl britches in this year’s event taking first overall in her tenth NLBR. The Nevada native experienced success in the Little Wranglers division in 2004. Fast forward ten years later and the achievements keep flowing in.

Civil took the senior girls division with a score of 2252, beating Dally Goemmer for the all-around title.

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