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Swallows moves to Santa Fe league

After years as freelancers in the sports world, Swallows Charter Academy finally found full-time work.

The Santa Fe league will welcome its newest team for the 2014-15 season as the Spartans, after much deliberation, move from the Freelance league.

The talent pool in the SFL increased significantly compared to last season. Top 2A teams such as Hoehne, Rye and Swink offer strong competition, which the Spartans are prepared to face.

“I was excited when we moved,” first year SCA volleyball coach Lindsey Moore said. “I’m hoping to prove something. We’re not going to be the low man on the totem pole.”

Coaches are confident that the move won’t obstruct the education of their players. The prime objective for the athletes at the school is their education. Moore as well as the rest of the coaches have a daunting task ahead, but understand the move is not a burdened.

“Education first,” Moore said. “I’ll push the idea that they need to know what they’re going to be missing before they even leave. If they’re going to play they make the commitment to us that school comes first.”

Competition of SCA will reside mostly on the south end of Colorado versus the northern area of Denver as it did in the past. Trips will also be much longer than years before. This was an issue that some of the schools worried might affect teams in the SFL.

The distance to and from games serves as an example to those who want to further their sports career at the collegiate level. All but two of the Spartans opponents this season, Fowler and Rye, are more than an hour away. Three of those teams are at least an hour and 20 minutes away.

Moore hopes that the long travels and nights at hotels will educate her athletes outside of the classroom, prep them for college and show their competition their addition to the league wasn’t a mistake. Aside from home games, most colleges don’t have the luxury of playing close to home.

“An hour on the bus is not that bad,” Moore said. “If these girls want to go to college and play there, they’ll be lucky if they have a team that’s a half an hour away. I played in a division where our closest game was four hours away.

“It’s all a mindset. They have to be willing to push for it.”

SCA will test its players mindset when it heads to Walsenburg to play John Mall Aug 21 in its first volleyball in the SFL.

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