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My 3 heroes, thank you

On Dec. 27 around 12:30 a.m., I was jolted awake to the sound of constant pounding on my front door and the door bell ringing repeatedly.

I approached the door ready to confront the stranger at my door in the dead of night.

When I opened the door to my surprise it was a young man in a light-colored hoodie.

He said, “I am sorry to wake you but, we were driving by and saw this fire burning on the side of your house.”

I opened the screen door to see a fairly large fire burning against my garage in the landscaping.

The high winds we had been having had blown over a spotlight used in my Christmas light display.

The spotlight light had heated up the wood chips and set them ablaze.

The fire from the wood chips had in turn set a rather large piece of very dry driftwood on fire.

All of this is right up against the wall of my garage in the front of my home.

I burst through the door and yelled out a few explicit phrases and began filling buckets with water to put the blaze out.

The young man had two friends with him, and they were all now trying to help me extinguish the fire.

One of the young men grabbed the hose, unfortunately the cold weather had frozen it solid.

My wife emerged with more pitchers and buckets to fill with water from the outdoor water spout.

One of the young men had pulled our dwarf pine that was in a clay pot, away and then pulled the burning driftwood out onto the cement away from my home.

The four of us were now franticly racing back and forth from the water spout with pitchers full of water.

After 10 or 15 minutes that seemed like an eternity to me, we had the fire down to a few glowing embers and a plume of smoke that looked like Old Faithful just before an eruption.

The young man who had come to the door said, “I think you are good now, we are going to go.”

I thanked them and told them that they were life savers and that I was so very grateful to them. I shook the hand of each of them and thanked them again.

The young men climbed back into the car they had arrived in and drove away.

It wasn’t until all of my adrenaline had worn off and I began to calm down that I thought to myself, I never even got any of their names.

During this whole event I had seen eight or nine cars drive by and never even slow down to see if we were OK or if we could use some help.

However these three young men took it upon themselves to stop and spring into action.

These brave young men saved my home and potentially my families lives. If there is an award for Good Samaritans within the Pueblo West community, then these three young men are more than deserving of such recognition.

If there is not then there should be.

The problem is that I have no idea who these mystery men are.

I am at a loss for what I could do for these young men even if I did know who they are.

How does one thank citizens who go out of their way to help others in such a way?

I want to convey to them just how very thankful my family and I are that they did this for us. I have never been so happy that somebody beat on my door in the middle of the night before.

These young men of our community deserve to be recognized for their actions of concern for others in their community.

Joe Hill

Pueblo West

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