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I have been wanting to write an editorial for some time about the Pueblo West View.

First, let me say that I truly am happy that Pueblo West has its own paper where we can enjoy so many articles, especially the support it gives the high school sports!

But at the same time, I wonder if anyone ever proof reads any of it. It runs articles under the briefly section about things that happened one to three weeks earlier. It doesn’t take much to check the dates of the happenings and pull out what has past.

Various people have commented on the fact that we don’t have any crime report unless it is a huge happening. There must be more break ins, damage done to homes, cars, as well as things that belong to the Metropolitan District than is reported.

At one time, we had a list of babies born and deaths for Pueblo West. I wish that was back.

It would be nice if the Pueblo West View were to do an article each week about each of the businesses. There are so many out here that I am sure many people have no idea that they are here. It would also be nice if the various artists were featured as well though many have been, there are many more living here.

I put in an article about having lived out here for 40 years as did a few others. It would be nice if that was an on-going thing to tell people that have just moved here in the last five to 10 years what things were like “in the olden days”.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Judy Larson

Pueblo West

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