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In response to Phil Weber’s letter in the Dec. 28 issue of the Pueblo West View.

Yes. I have seen the new fire trucks purchased by the district.

Total overkill?

I think not.

Where are your facts, Mr. Weber? Please let the readers know your area of expertise in fire fighting.

I moved to Pueblo West from Beulah in 2016, where I served with the Beulah Fire Department for 12 years. I do know a thing or two about fire science and the art of fighting both wild land and residential structure fires.

Water is the only way to cool a fire enough to facilitate safe entry into a structure for rescue of victims or saving the structure or property. Water which can only be delivered by a “fire truck.” The new pumpers (fire trucks) acquired by the district are not “overkill,” but essential for safe fire department operations.

The trucks that were replaced were from the 1970s. In the long run the nearly half century old pumpers would have cost Pueblo West residents much more in repair, out-of-service time, and the cost of using an additional truck to transport equipment and firefighters that would not fit in the out-of date pumpers.

I personally drive a 13 year old pickup, because I know the cost of buying a new one, but I also know that it will not last forever and eventually I will have to buy a new one. I’m sure most people get the necessity of this inevitable process.

The bottom line is these new fire trucks will save lives. Maybe yours, maybe mine , or maybe one of our Pueblo West firefighters that uses the new pumper to enter a burning building to save someone else.

Dale Geanetta

Pueblo West

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