Drowsy driving is eight times more dangerous than previous federal estimates, per a new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the most in-depth drowsy driving research ever conducted in the United States using footage of every day drivers. Read more

Majestic Baptist Church, 494 E Hemlock, 647-9200, majesticchurch.org, invites you to join us on Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm for Financial Peace University and Grief Share classes going on until the end of March. Please call if you have any questions, 647-9200, and we look forward to seeing you.

Pueblo West Women’s League will host its monthly meeting at 11:15 a.m. Feb. 13 at the Pueblo West Library.

Just for the record, President Donald Trump donated his fourth quarter 2017 salary to the Department of Transportation. All of you naysayers, complaining endlessly about our current administration, do you care to donate your salaries to fill potholes? I say put up or shut up. Read more

I want to thank a Pueblo local, Greg Bradfield, a local Pueblo educator, and the staff at the visitors’ center at Lake Pueblo State Park for returning my bicycle, which had fallen out of our bike rack on our truck when we were passing through a few weeks ago. We’d almost gotten out of Pueblo before we realized it had fallen off. Miles later, after retracing our route through the park back to where we’d camped for the night, there was no sign of the bike on or near the road. Read more